What is EMXI?

EMXI is another Fivnex project around web development. The whole idea of the project is to make common functions in plain JavaScript code, or at least the ones somewhat overcomplicated easy to get done in a timely manner, no matter what website you are working on at the moment.

Why use EMXI?

  • Compatible

    Instead of working with NodeJS, you work with plain JS, meaning it can work on any website you can make.

  • Simple

    EMXI is designed to keep it all as simple as we possibly can make it. That is why we made EMXI at all!

  • Feature Rich

    We add as much functionality as we can give it. As of 21/10/2020 this is not the case as EMXI is in public testing.

You can simply use the following code to import EMXI:
<script src="https://raw.githubusercontent.com/emxi/emxi.js/main/emxi.js"></script>

How to use EMXI

After importation, EMXI gives you the following options. Tags, unless specified are "IDs" only. Meaning if you specify the tag "footer", the tag you are producing might look like <div id="footer"></div>.

EMXI Core functions

core.getDateGet the date and time of page visitors visittag = string
core.getTimeGet the active time from page visitors time zonetag = string
core.redirectRedirects onclickurl = string

EMXI Media Functions

media.AddYouTubeVideoAdds a YouTube video by video IDtag = string; videoURL = string
media.addAudioAdds MP3 audiotag = string; audioURL = string

EMXI Page Functions

page.setFooterSets footer with your name in copyright for current yeartag = string; name = string; otherTM = optional string

EMXI Math Functions

area.squareCalculate area of squaretag = string; sideLength = int
area.rectCalculate area of rectangletag = string; side1 = int; side2 = int
area.rightTriangleCalculate area of a right triangle, use the two perpendicular sides.tag = string; side1 = int; side2 = int
area.circleCalculate area of a circletag = string; radius = int
area.circleByDiameterCalculate area of a circle using the diametertag = string; diameter = int
perimeter.squareCalculate the perimeter of a squaretag = string; sideLength = int
perimeter.rectCalculate the perimeter of a rectangletag = string; side1 = int; side2 = int
perimeter.rightTriangleCalculate the perimeter of a right triangletag = string; side1 = int; side2 = int
perimeter.circleCalculate the perimeter of a circletag = string; radius = int
perimeter.circleByDiameterCalculate the perimeter of a circle using the diametertag = string; diameter = int
math.diceRandom dice throwtag = string; sides = int; count = int

A project by Fivnex

Fivnex is a team of developers who work on making software
and making web development simple, easy, and understandable.